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What is SSD Hosting

A solid-state drive is a storage device that stores data persistently using integrated circuit assemblies as memory. An SSD carries out the same functions as that of an HDD, but in a more efficient and direct manner. How Solid State Drives different from Hard disk drives? Hard disk drives have been the traditional form of [...]
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How to Change Timezone in cPanel Webmail?

In this article, we will cover how to change the timezone setting in the Roundcube Mail of cPanel webmail. Changing timezone in RoundCube 1) Login to cPanel Webmail and choose Roundcube Icon 2) Then select Settings from the top right hand corner.​ 3) Select User Interface from the options.   4) Select the time zone that you [...]
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Top Advantages Of Choosing SSD Hosting

Advantages Of Choosing SSD Hosting There are several options appear when one shops around for web hosting solutions to run the websites flawlessly. In all these options, SSD hosting is one of the most popular and efficient solution that a majority of businesses have a great faith on. There are tremendous benefits to choose SSD [...]
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Black Friday Sale

Get ready for Black Friday on Nov. 25th 2016 On the fabled “busiest shopping day of the year” Innovative Hosting will offer domain registration & website hosting discounts up to 40% off on our already fantastic prices. Have you been thinking about the best time to build your blog or launch your website? With our range of incredible [...]
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We are Now Accept Payments through PayU Money!

We’ve made accepting payments from our clients faster, secure and really easy! We’re happy to bring you PayU Money - one of India’s most popular payment gateways as a fully integrated module in our my.innovativehostingcorp.com panel. About PayU India PayU India is the flagship company of Naspers group which is a $25 Billion internet and [...]
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5 WordPress Security Issues & How to Fix Them

Today WordPress powers nearly 78 million of the world’s websites. It is built and designed for web standards, aesthetics, as well as usability. This makes WordPress an Alpha CMS amongst Blogger, Drupal and Microsoft’s Share Point. However, with such mass usage, WordPress is also a popular target for cyber crooks. We believe that half of the [...]
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