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It's our 8th birthday, and it's all about YOU!

A huge shoutout to all for being a part of this exciting journey! 😀

We are an awesome time celebrating our 8th birthday. Thanks to all those who celebrated the last 8 years with us, and helped us to reach a mammoth 28 thousand customers. That’s a huge milestone for us, and one we’re incredibly proud of. There are so many exciting things happening in the near future for Innovative Hosting, so stay tuned!

Our 8th birthday party is over...

But the party's still going on our promos page

The candles have been blown out, and the streamers have been pulled down, but the after-party is still going strong on our regular promos page. Head on over to get the latest and greatest savings on a wide range of products!

SSD Shared Hosting

Blazing Fast SSD Linux Hosting for Your Business websites. Starts at just ₹49/mo

SSD Reseller Hosting

Make Money with your own Web Hosting Business. Starts at just ₹249/mo

Linux SSD VPS Hosting

High performance SSD VPS Hosting powered by AWS. Starts at just ₹899/mo

Purchase any SSD Cloud Hosting Plan for 1/2/3 Years and get FREE Innovative Hosting's Merchandise.


  • Innovative Hosting reserves the right to alter or amend promotional offers at any time.
  • All discounts are for the first year price only. Renewals will be at the normal price.
  • These discounts are valid until 09th Aug 2020.
  • Additional taxes will be applicable.

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