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Whether it’s for personal or business use, you need a web hosting service like Innovative Hosting's to get your ideas online. No matter which plan you choose, you can count on us for reliability, security, and a stress-free hosting experience.

30x Faster Server Speed

100% Uptime Guarantee

24/7 Impressive Support

Free Migration

Fixed, Lower Costs

Regular Backups

Free SSL Certificates

Free Domain Reseller

Choose Your Plan

Shared Hosting

All you need to build your online presence, the easy and affordable way.

Reseller Hosting

Be your own boss by reselling hosting plans to your clients.

VPS Hosting

Virtual servers provide control and flexibility when your business needs it.

At no extra charge and already preconfigured

Varnish Cache

Much more than just hosting!

Use the future-oriented HTTP / 3/ QUIC protocols today and benefit from even faster loading times in modern browsers.

HTTP / 3 or QUIC does not use the usual TCP / IP protocol for the connection between client and server, but rather the stateless UDP protocol. The elimination of the overhead when setting up and clearing down each individual TCP / IP connection results in a noticeable acceleration of the page load!

LScache provides high-performance cache functions similar to a complex varnish setup. LScache can be easily added as an extension to existing Magento 2 shops, Drupal, WordPress, and much more. Installations can be integrated.

The Litespeed web server software is a direct replacement for the Apache web server, web developers and users can therefore continue to use all known features such as .htaccess files, etc. The creation and maintenance of special configurations, as is usual with Nginx web servers, is completely eliminated.

When operating our infrastructure, we rely exclusively on real server hardware that has been approved for 24/7 operation. This gives you the security of achieving maximum results and availability.

Guaranteed loading time <1 Second

Fast Loading Times, Smooth Operation & 100% Uptime.

Full Tech Specification

PHP Versions 5-5.6, 7+

MYSQL – MariaDB database support

phpMyAdmin Database Control

Perl, Python, Ruby

htaccess (mod_rewrite)

cron jobs



Zend Optimizer, Ioncube

Hotlink & leech protection


SFTP (Secure FTP)

SSH Access

Secure WebMail (RoundCube and Horde)

Website, Database, and Email Backups

Full PHP Memory / Timeout and Upload Control

PostgreSQL Databases

Latest Dell Hardware

100 gigabit data network

24x7x365 Support

Not sure which is the right package? We're here to help!

At Innovative Hosting we appreciate that choice can be confusing. Contact our friendly team now to see how we can help and get your project moving.


  • Our discount offer only applies to first-year purchases. This discount offer does not apply to renewal purchases.
  • All prices are excluding GST.

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