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So you can get back to work.

Let us handle management of your Innovative Hosting hosted servers, freeing up your technical staff. Server managed services include OS updates and patches, server security hardening and monitoring, proactive service monitoring, and more. Our managed server techs are on-site within feet of your server 24/7/365.


Live Chat & Ticket Support

100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Hardware Diagnostics & Replacement

Network Intrusion Monitoring


Semi Managed

Free migration from any cPanel Server (excess of 30 accounts may cost extra)

Service monitoring with Text or Email Alerts

24/7 Phone, Chat & Ticket Support

Network & Hardware SLA

Hardware Diagnostics & Replacement

Network Intrusion Monitoring

Remote & Manual Reboots

Manual OS Reloads (4 per month)

Proactive Malware Scanning using Maldet

Setup ConfigServerFirewall (CSF)

Initial WHM/cPanel Setup

Cost: Free

Fully Managed

Everything in Semi Managed, plus:

Unlimited cPanel Accounts Migration

Full operating system updates and security patching

MariaDB/MySQL performance tuning

“Top of Queue” Support Ticket Escalation

Brute Force Detection (cpHulk)

Mod_security setup, with basic rules from Comodo

Configuration changes upon request (Apache, Nginx, php, etc.)

Proactive Bootless OS Security Updates and Patches

Instant Reactive Remediation Efforts During Service or Hardware Failure

Performance optimization by disabling unnecessary services/users

Installation of any free and available ConfigServer script

RAID monitoring when applicable

Recovery assistance from your cPanel backups

Cost: $29/mo.

Our People Make the Difference

When you need support or have a question, Innovative Hosting Experts have the answers.

*Due to the nature of highly customizable infrastructure, the installation and customization of certain applications and custom code may not be supported. The team at Innovative Hosting will make a best effort on all requests, but reserves the right to exclude the following items from our Managed Services offerings.

  • 3rd party applications and scripts
  • 3rd party plugins that are not supported and approved by the native application (cPanel)
  • Custom code and software
  • Custom database administration (beyond standard import, dumps, tuning, DB basic admin)
  • FFmpeg
  • Registrar DNS changes

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