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With customers operating businesses in over 100+ countries, our intelligent network
is built to perform exceptionally… every moment, everywhere.



Transit Providers



Peer Exchanges



Gbps Transit Capacity



Direct Network Peers

Performance-Based Routing Blend of Many Providers and Exchanges

Our network is a premium blend of Level 3, Century Link, XO, Comcast, NTT, Cogent, GTT, Hurricane Electric, Seabone, & Telia Carrier transit + NOTA, TIE, Any2, TPA-IX, NYIIX, DE-CIX, & FLIX peering exchanges. The more diverse your network, the better it will perform across the globe and the better it will perform should any one or more carriers have an outage. Our massive self-healing network is a big reason why we serve customers from over 130 countries world-wide.

850 Gbps Transit Capacity

With over 850 Gbps network capacity, there are few bandwidth requirements we can’t accommodate.

Better Than BGP

Our Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) proactively analyzes the internet’s performance and knows in advance when normal BGP route selection is not the absolute fastest path for data or latency sensitive applications. Innovative Hosting improves over 130,000 network prefixes over standard BGP every single day, improving latency, eliminating jitter and providing superior performance.
Network Peering with Over 500 Direct Peers in Miami, New York City, Tampa, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Seattle

Moving data effectively across the Internet requires choosing the best possible route for transmission. Our 300+ direct peer relationships give us the choices we need to find the optimal path for your data.

Coast to Coast Intranet

Each of our data centers across Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and Seattle are connected to each other via private and redundant 10 to 20 Gbps fiber optic waves. Our data centers not only peer with each other, improving network performance across all data centers, but each facility’s network is built to stand on its own as well.

DDoS Protection and Packet Scrubbing

We block over 90% of malicious traffic at the edge of our network. With the extra ability to enable Corero Smartwall data scrubbing, we ensure every packet of data that reaches your server is valid.

Dedicated 40 Gbps Ports Available

Extraordinary requirements need extraordinary capacity. Innovative Hosting is able to provide dedicated 1, 10, 20 and 40Gbps ports for your transmission requirements.

10Gbps Private Network

Don’t hobble your cluster solution with a poor network backend. Our 10Gbps private network is the foundation of a fast, scalable, clustered backend infrastructure. Multiple solutions within one data center or across multiple data centers can communicate quickly and securely.

Our People Make the Difference

When you need support or have a question, Innovative Hosting Experts have the answers.

See the difference our network makes.

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