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Here at Innovative Hosting, we’ve been building our service reputation since 2012. We’re dedicated to making our customers happy. If you have a question or concern, you’ve come to the right place. Chat with a live human, submit a ticket for review, or consult our vast Knowledgebase for a little self-study. Our resources are available 24/7.

Our Technical Support Benefits

15 Minutes Response Time

Every ticket that we receive is being initially answered within 15 minutes or just a couple of minutes!

99% Support Case Resolution

Our experienced Technical Support Team will handle nearly any support case!

Helpful, Detailed Replies

Our Technical Support replies’ aim to provide detailed and concrete information!

Introducing a new support experience

Our Technical Support Department is 24/7/365 at your disposal, and to reach us, you can consider a few options!

Live Chat

Instantly talk to one of our support team, we’re here to help.

Submit A Ticket

For our clients only. Open a ticket you can track and reply to.

WhatsApp Support

We’re ready to assist you 24/7, talk to one of our WhatsApp support team

We Love to Help

We pride ourselves on offering a hosting support service like no other; polite, knowledgeable & fast.
Friendly based staff
We aim for rapid RESOLUTION
Support that goes above and beyond

Tips and Tricks

How to get a reply faster

When starting a live chat session, please indicate the full name and email address associated with your Innovative Hosting account. This will help speed up our verification and investigation processes.
When starting a new chat session, describe your question/issue in detail in the “Your Question:” field. Putting your Username, Support PIN and domain name (if available) there will speed up our investigation of your request, as well as the verification process.
If you need to link your domain to your hosting server (to set up nameservers or DNS records), be sure to have on hand your domain name and the settings to be configured. These settings may include IP address, details of the DNS records to be configured, or the nameservers themselves.
Choosing the correct support department when you join a chat or submit a ticket will save time and help eliminate delays associated with transferring your request to the appropriate department.
If you’re asking a billing question, please have the order and transaction ID ready. This will speed up processing of your request.

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