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Keep your personal information private

Add Privacy Protection to your New Domain

Privacy Protection hides your personal information from public view. Without privacy protection, your physical address, phone number, email address, and other personal information are accessible to anyone on the internet.

Protect your personal information with Whois Privacy:

  • Shield your personal information online
  • Skip the scams, spam and junk mail
  • Protect against annoying telemarketers
Duration 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Price / Year  249.00  249.00  249.00

 249.00 /yr


  • WhoisPrivacy subscription is provided by WhoisPrivacy pursuant to its Services Agreement with Innovative Hosting. Terms and conditions apply. Due to registry restrictions, WhoisPrivacy cannot be used with .asia, .ca, .cn, .uk, .co.uk, .de, .eu, .in, .me.uk, .nu, .li, .ch, .fr, .sg, .com.sg, .org.uk, .us, .es, .com.es, .nom.es, .org.es, .com.au, .net.au, .paris, .vote, .voto, .nyc or .org.au domains. Please note that WhoisPrivacy subscription expiration is based on purchase date rather than activation date.
  • WhoisPrivacy subscriptions can be used on domains registered with Innovative Hosting only.
  • Remember to turn off WhoisPrivacy before transferring your domain to another registrar, as they will need your information at the time of transfer.

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